Frequently asked questions:


1.  Where are you located and how do we visit you?

We are located in northwestern Connecticut, but can only schedule private visits for members of the press and representatives of institutions which are planning exhibit installations. We are not able to accommodate the general public at this time.


2.  Are you a non-profit? 

We are not a federally recognized tax-exempt organization. Our mission includes educational outreach and historical preservation. We currently seek sponsorship assistance to help fund those efforts. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation we could use a fiscal sponsor to facilitate that, and we would gladly welcome your support.


3.  How big is the collection? 

We have been collecting cultural artifacts and photographic images of the Space Age for more than 25 years. We have yet to complete our database, but we estimate that the collection includes more than 10,000 pieces. That said, it is important to recognize that a 40-foot rocket trailer, a period snapshot, and a Cracker Jack charm each count as one item. There are enough artifacts and images to offer many traveling exhibitions and to explore various narratives.


4.  Do you have any flown items from NASA?

We have collected some items from the US space program, but because there are other museums which present that subject, we have chosen to focus on artifacts and images that reflect the cultural history of the Space Age and in particular illuminate the experiences of everyday people. We are proud to display a full-scale static test model of the Douglas Skyrocket, on which children played in a schoolyard after the US Navy’s testing was completed.


5.  Do you anticipate having a permanent facility that will be open to the public? 

That is our dream if we can secure proper funding. A location near a metropolitan area or incorporated into a planned spaceport would be ideal.